What your Parents should know

Although all of our participants are of full age most parents support their children to travel abroad.

Maybe the parents are to decide whether her daughter or sun should go to Argentina or not. Parents like to know where their children end up and that their children are in good hands.

You can be relieved. Since 25 years we are receiving young foreign people in Argentina and we get used to worried parents. Of course we also will assist you as the parents with all your concerns and doubt you might have. You can contact us at any time and if necessary we also contact you in case of problems.

We want that your son or daughter will have a nice stay with us in Argentina, will learn a lot about the culture, language and life in general and experience a meaningful stay in Argentina and South America.

But please give your child the space to develop, to get around alone and maybe to master some difficult moments. The personal development far away from “hotel mom” is a desired side effect.

We also support you with secular matters like issuing a certificate for your tax declaration or your application for a scholarship etc. Support on fast money transfers if required or credit card lost.

Or if you like to visit your child and like to travel together through Argentina we like to help you with travel arrangements, hotel reservations etc.

Just send us an email.



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