Pasantias Argentinas by itself cannot grant stipends to any participant. We need to collect the fees from the participant to cover all program costs like teacher, accommodation, office, salaries, taxes, insurances, transportation, donations, materials, maintenance of all facilities etc.

But there could exist different kind of stipends in your home country for educational programs abroad. You have to ask at your university or the corresponding authorities in your home country for available stipends to cover at least some of your travel expenses.

The work and travel program gives you the opportunity to reduce some of you travel expenses by gaining some money or working for free accommodation or boarding.

Also you can public your project abroad and try to get some funding. A travel crowd fund platform is

Take a look and get some ideas.

Anyway you shoud count with sufficient funds for your stay in Argentina and your travel plans in South America. It is a pity to have a too tighten travel budget because there is so much to see and explore in Argentina. And to do so you need time and money, just because of the huge distances to get to the hot spots and hightlighst of the country.