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Medical Spanish | Spanish for Medicine

This special Spanish course is very useful for medicine students, doctors, nurses and all health professionals.

It is a good preparation for the nursing internship, the medical internship or for an internship within the health sector.

You can also attend this course without any internship afterwards, as a single course or in addition to the general Spanish language tuition.

You need to have basic Spanish knowledge to attend the Medical Spanish course.

This course consists of 2 tuition classes in the afternoon on 4 days a week.

Course content: the study of medicine and the apprenticeship of nurses in Argentina. Vocabulary: drugs, diseases and medical expressions. The human body. The Argentinean health system. Hospital organization. Surgery, medical specialist areas, medical consultancy and treatment. Pregnancy and childbirth. Odontology and digestive system.

Certificate of attendance.

Course duration: 2 or 4 weeks.
Tuition: 8 classes per week.
Costs: US$ 115,- per week.

US$ 115 per week