Spanish and Tango in Argentina

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Spanish and Tango

Although Buenos Aires is the capital of tango you also can enjoy tango in Córdoba.

You can learn to dance tango or go tango dancing if you have some experiences or you can only enjoy some tango shows. Of course other dances like salsa, merengue, cumbia and cuarteto are also offered.

In the morning you go to the language school and attend Spanish tuition. At night you go dancing and meet a lot of new people.

Course content: Spanish language tuition for beginner or advanced.
Course duration: 2 – 4 weeks or longer.
Tuition: 4 classes of 45 minutes daily from Monday to Friday.
Costs: US$ 150 per week.

US$ 150 per Tango, salsa, merengue etc.: dancing classes are offered from about 6 US$ an hour.
A typical tango show con dinner costs about 25 US$.

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US$ 150 per week