Travelling to Argentina and Arrival

All programs start on Monday. You should arrive at Córdoba the weekend before start of program (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Your accommodation will be available from arrival on, resp. like booked. You should avoid an arrival at night after 22:00 p.m. or very early before 9:00 a.m. You should inform us by time about your exact arrival time to ensure your arrival, airport pickup and welcome. Please inform us about the date, day, time and flight number of your arrival and from where you are arriving.

Arrival by plane
You will arrive directly at Córdoba or maybe you would like to spend some days in Buenos Aires before coming to Córdoba.
If you arrive in Buenos Aires you might know that most international flights arrive at the international airport of Ezeiza (EZE) outside of Buenos Aires. Most local flights will depart from the national city center airport Aeroparque (AEP). Please be aware if you have to change the airport in Buenos Aires to continue your flight to Córdoba or not! You will receive detailed arrival information from us by time.

Arrival by coach / bus
If you travel to Córdoba by bus (e.g. from the main bus station Retiro in Buenos Aires or as well from Santiago de Chile etc.) you will arrive in Córdoba at the main bus station in the city center. After your arrival at Córdoba you should call us or take a taxi to the address we will give you in advance. Please avoid to arrive outside between Friday 16:00 p.m. and Monday 9:00 a.m. The office will be closed and arrivals by coach are very hard to coordinate.

After your arrival and your first school day
After your arrival and welcome procedure we will bring you to your accommodation. The next Monday you should present yourself at 9:00 a.m. at the language school office. You will get an introduction seminar with all new students. You will meet the fellow students, the teacher, the coordinator and contact partners. You will go through an language level evaluation test and afterwards all new students go for a city excursion. You will have the opportunity to change money, to purchase an Argentinean sim-card for your mobile phone and you learn about how to take a public bus to the city center and back home. The next day the regular language classes begin.

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