Visit of Jane Goodall in Córdoba

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Black Howler Monkey

Volunteer at a Monkey Center

In 2009 the “Ambassador of the Chimpanzees” Jane Goodall visited the Monkey Rehabilitation Center located in the Sierras Chicas of Córdoba 12 km from the village La Cumbre. The famous british primate researcher took a walk over the 360 hectar compound, the home of over 100 black howler and carayá monkeys. The reserve at 1.400 meters above sea level is not the natural home of this species. It is an orphanage and rescue center for formerly enclosed primates in private households or used for commercial purposes. The rehabilitation center is the first one opened in Argentina.

Today these animals suffer three threats: the reduction of natural living space, the illegal animal traffic and the difficulty to keep them in captivity because they do no adapt to it and they do not reproduce.

Jane Goodall studied for over 30 years the african chimps and now visited for the first time the monkey reserve in the province of Córdoba. The Argentinean monkeys, the Carayá are the biggest ones in South America althoug much smaller and totally different than a chimpanzee.

At the reserve the animals lives in different groups in semi-liberty and they need daily attention. The animal center is runned by a private animal protection ONG. All year round local tourist can visit the reserve and the guided tours are popular amoung visiting children. The foundation is permanently underfinanced and need all kind of support. The visit of Jane Goodall was a very helpful publicity to drive the public awareness towards the needs of this species in trouble and the difficulties to maintain an adequate living space like this animal reserve.

Since years the rescue center also receives local and international volunteers helping to feed and care the animals, to maintain the compound and improve the facilities, to guide tourists or to work on materials to spread out the awareness for endangered species like the black and golden howler monkeys.

If you like to contribute and love the nature and animals, think about to volunteer at this monkey rehabilitation center next summer. Just enrol in our volunteer or farmstay program and join us for a lifetime experience.