Farm Stay on an Exclusive Polo Ranch

A farm stay on a polo ranch in Argentina is a highlight for horse lovers. Polo is closely related to Argentina. Here the estancias have huge areas, there are many horses and the gauchos have grown up in the saddle, so to speak. The best polo players in the world come from Argentina. Polo and the whole atmosphere around polo is something very exclusive. Here you now get the opportunity to live relatively unexpensive directly on a polo ranch and to work with the polo horses.


Move the polo horses and and prepare them for polo tournaments every day

The approx. 300 polo ponies must be moved and cared every day. A paradise for horse and riding enthusiasts. On the weekends you can watch the polo players training. Polo is practiced 3 times a week (taqueo) and you receive 2 hours of polo lessons per week. Depending on the season, you will also be able to experience a polo tournament at the estancia. And if you are in Argentina in January, the national gaucho rodeo "Doma y Folklore" in Jesús Maria, very close to the polo farm, should of course not be missing.


Learn Spanish to be able to talk to the Petiseros

Before you are sent to the exclusive polo ranch for a farm stay, you can get to know the big city of Córdoba for the first few weeks and learn a little Spanish here. You attend a Spanish course for 4 weeks. You will immediately get to know other participants, with whom you also live in a beautiful participant house and with whom you can do a lot together. You can experience the pronounced nightlife in Córdoba city.


After the first few weeks in the city you say goodbye towards “el campo” and spend the next few weeks on the country side at a polo ranch in exclusive surroundings. Since the polo ranch is only approx. 55 km from Córdoba city, you can always easily take the bus to Córdoba city or take a ride with an employee of the polo farm. You can then sleep overnight in the participants' house in Córdoba before you return to the polo farm.


Travel with other participants across Argentina

After completing the farmstay, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to travel through Argentina with other participants and see the spectacular landscapes of Argentina. How about rafting in the Andes near Mendoza? Or whale watching on the Península Valdés? Grab a travel guide and you will quickly see how much there is to see in Argentina.



Project Facts


Project location: in the beautiful Sierras de Córdoba. Approx. 55 km north from Córdoba city. Close to Ascochinga. 1 hrs public bus ride.

Begin: all year round, almost anytime. Best time: Argentine summer between October – March. Highlight in January: the national Gaucho rodeo festival in Jesús Maria, very close to the polo ranch.

Start dates: every 1st Monday of each month.

Duration: 4 – 24 weeks.

Lead time: approx. 2 months.

Age: 18 – 55 years old.

Requirements: none.

Visa: tourist visa.

Language: Spanish.

Spanish course: in case of Spanish beginner 4 weeks of intensive Spanish tuition. 20 hrs of 45 min weekly, small group or 10 one-to-one lessons weekly. At language school in Córdoba city.

Accommodation: student´s house, shared accommodation, max. 4-bedroom during the language course in Córdoba city. Directly on the farm in a small guest house during the farmstay. Shared with max. 4 other guests.

Boarding: self-catering during the language course in Córdoba city and during the farmstay. The guest house on the polo farm has a kitchen for preparing the own meals.

Activities on the polo ranch: grooming, caring, moving and feeding the approx.. 300 polo ponies. Helping and get involved in all daily activities on the polo ranch. Preparing and helping at polo events (several per year) on the polo ranch. 3 times polo practicing (taqueo) with 2 hours of polo lessons per week.

Project highlights: farmstay on an exclusive polo ranch with approx.. 300 polo horses in a beautiful surrounding of the Sierras de Córdoba. Polo events on the ranch property.

Benefits: learn about the rural life on a polo ranch in Argentina, work with the petiseros (Argentina polo horse carer), work with polo ponies on a daily basis, learn and/or improve your Spanish skills, make new friends, adventure.

Possible travel highlights:

Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Perito Moreno Glaciar, The Andes, Iguazú waterfalls, Northwest Argentina, Península Valdés with Whale watching & Penguins. Watch in January the national Gaucho festival and rodeo “Fiesta Nacional de Doma y Folklore” in Jesús Maria.