Farm for country holidays and horse riding trips

Help for a few weeks on this farm for country holidays with horse riding trips in Argentina. This "granja" (agricultural farm with animals) is located in the most beautiful valley of the long Sierras de Córdoba in central Argentina. The area is called Traslasierras, which means "across the sierras on the other side" (seen from Córdoba city , you can reach the picturesque village of Nono after 160 km of spectacular 2.5 hour car or bus ride over the 2,000 m high plain "Pampa de Achala ". The beautifully situated villages lined up between Mina Clavero and Villa Dolores are a popular holiday paradise between December and March, especially for metropolitan people from Buenos Aires and other parts of the country. The rest of the year is quiet and you can enjoy the tranquility of nature.


Get to know the “Actividades del Campo” during a farm stay

Instead of huge production estancias, there are many smaller courtyards, so-called granjas, fincas and huertas. Many farm owners have already adapted to local tourism and offer a wide variety of activities del campo (rural life). This Granja also has a few guest rooms and organizes riding excursions, some of them over several days as well as excursions by quad. The farm for rural holidays is also open to day visitors, who often come with their children to the petting zoo to get to know the animals and buy agricultural products directly from the producer.

There is always something to do on a farm with various animals and tourist activities. You will be involved in all activities of daily life. There is also ample opportunity for horse riding. If you are familiar with the saddle, you can also take part in the riding excursions and possibly assist with them. Feeding animals, looking after horses, looking after tourists, preparing trips and helping with household chores. The beautiful landscape is also ideal for hiking, trekking, mountain biking, quad biking and, in summer, for swimming in the nearby rivers.

Transportation to and from Córdoba is good. There are constant buses to and from Nono and Mina Clavero.


Learn Spanish on-site at a language school in Córdoba

You should of course be able to communicate in Spanish. You will be sent to a language school in Córdoba city before your farm stay. In 4 weeks of Spanish lessons you will learn a whole lot of chunks of Spanish, so that the communication with the Argentines will work out.

During the Spanish course you will also get to know other participants with whom you live together with a few young Argentines in a beautiful volunteer house. They always do a lot together, go out and travel together through Argentina. In Córdoba you can experience the distinctive nightlife and the advantages of a big city.

At the end of the language course you take the bus towards Nono, where you can start your farm stay on the Granja. In the beautiful surroundings you will hardly miss the city. But if you feel like it, you can always return to Córdoba, e.g. to go out with the other participants on the weekend. Then you just spend the night in the volunteer house again.

Adventure combination of learning Spanish, experiencing Córdoba together and being able to enjoy the beautiful sierras on a farm.



Project Facts

Project location: in the beautiful Sierras de Córdoba. Approx. 170 km west from Córdoba city. Close to Mina Clavero/Nono. 2.5 hrs public bus ride.

Begin: all year round, almost anytime. Best time: Argentine summer between October – March. And May with a lot of horse activities.

Start dates: every 1st Monday of each month

Duration: 4 – 24 weeks.

Lead time: approx. 2 months

Age: 18 – 65 years old.

Requirements: none.

Visa: tourist visa.

Language: Spanish.

Spanish course: in case of Spanish beginner 4 weeks of intensive Spanish tuition. 20 hrs of 45 min weekly, small group or 10 one-to-one lessons weekly. At language school in Córdoba city.

Accommodation: student´s house, shared accommodation, max. 4-bedroom during the language course in Córdoba city. Directly on the farm in a small guest house during the farmstay. Shared with max. 4 other guests.

Boarding: self-catering during the language course in Córdoba city. Full-board during the farmstay.

Activities on the farm: feeding and caring the animals and horses. Helping and get involved in all daily activities on the farm. Horse riding and quad excursions.

Project highlights: farmstay on a small “granja” in a beautiful surrounding of the Sierras de Córdoba. Horse and quad excursions.

Benefits: learn about the rural life in Argentina, learn to run a small mixed farm with animals and for national tourists, learn and/or improve Spanish skills, make new friends, adventure.

Possible travel highlights:

Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Perito Moreno Glaciar, The Andes, Iguazú waterfalls, Northwest Argentina, Península Valdés with Whale watching & Penguins.