Visit of Jane Goodall in Córdoba

Black Howler Monkey

In 2009 the “Ambassador of the Chimpanzees” Jane Goodall visited the Monkey Rehabilitation Center located in the Sierras Chicas of Córdoba 12 km from the village La Cumbre. The famous british primate researcher took a walk over the 360 hectar compound, the home of over 100 black howler and carayá monkeys. The reserve at 1.400 meters above sea level is not the natural home of this species. It is an orphanage and rescue center for formerly enclosed primates in private households or used for commercial purposes. The rehabilitation center is the first one opened in Argentina.

Working Holiday Visa for Argentina

Jobbing in Argentina

If you plan to travel to Argentina please consider that you might be eligible to obtain a working holiday visa depending on your nationality. Like a variety of other countries although South Amercian second important economy Argentina maintains bilateral agreements with certain countries upon youth working exchange programs offering specific visa schemes. One of them is the famous Working Holiday Visa targeting young traveller between 18 – 30 years who likes to partial finance their long term stays by engaging in paid jobs while visiting the country.


Some Argentinism

Like every country or region has its own accent and words also Argentina developed typical expressions. Argentina is a country full of immigrants or descendants of immigrants, mainly from Italy, Spain and other European countries. Every immigrant enriches the language with new phrases and words. You also must know that in Argentina and in South America nobody speaks “Español”…. They call it “Castellano”. Castellano just means the South American Spanish.

Here some common “argentinisms” (Argentinean words or expressions).