Working Holiday Visa for Argentina

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Jobbing in Argentina

Working Holiday Visa Argentina

If you plan to travel to Argentina please consider that you might be eligible to obtain a working holiday visa depending on your nationality. Like a variety of other countries although South Amercian second important economy Argentina maintains bilateral agreements with certain countries upon youth working exchange programs offering specific visa schemes. One of them is the famous Working Holiday Visa targeting young traveller between 18 – 30 years who likes to partial finance their long term stays by engaging in paid jobs while visiting the country. The Working Holiday Visa allows you to stay for up to 1 year in Argentina and includes a work permit to legally get an employment. That is fantastic for the young and most low-budget traveller who can gain some extra money for the daily expensenses while travelling through Argentina.

Working Traveller in Argentina has to be aware of some country specific particularities. Different to other countries like Australia or the US, Argentina does not possess a labor shortage and it could be much harder to find a paid job. Of course, this depends especially on your Spanish language skills, your qualifications and former work experiences. And the average salary converted to your currency is much less. Maybe you will earn about 2-3 US$ an hour (in Argentinean currency of course) and it is questionable if the earned money can cover all your living expenses, especially because most low-skilled jobs are part-time.

You must count on sufficient own funds to enjoy Argentina at the fullest and should not come with empty pockets hoping you will easily find a job making enough money to cover all travel expenses.

Are you eligible for a Working Holiday Visa for Argentina?

If you possess a valid passport of the following countries and you are between 18 – 30 years old you can apply at the Argentinean consulate of your home country a Working Holiday Visa:

  • Germany, unlimited quota
  • Australia, quota of 700 visas a year
  • Denmark, unlimited quota
  • France, quota of 700 visas a year
  • Ireland, quota of 100 visas a year
  • Norway, quota of 300 visas a year
  • New Zealand, quota of 1.000 visas a year

For some details you can find more information at:

Our work and travel program in Argentina consists in an intensive Spanish language course which prepares you for the job search and prospective job interviews. After finishing the language tuition you will get appropriate job offers mainly in the hospitality sector or related to your qualifications.

Attending our work and travel program in Córdoba with airport pickup, Spanish course, accommodation, general assistance and first job offers is a very good starting point for your stay in Argentina. After staying a couple of weeks with us you are free to travel to other cities and find there new jobs.